Mode Airdrop Points + Renzo LRT Points Update

As Mode moves into the next phase of our growth journey by expanding support for yield bearing Liquid Staking and Restaking assets we are updating the airdrop campaign to encourage a more efficient ecosystem for these assets.

Mode Points Campaign Updates

New assets added to Mode points campaign:

ezETH - Renzo Restaked ETH - 1.2x points (multiplier is given for assets when held in a wallet, when added to protocols the standard 1x multiplier is given)

Additional assets will be added in the coming days/weeks and multipliers will be confirmed on the Mode airdrop page

Multipliers for assets in applications:

Lending protocols - 2x pointsDEX LP positions - 3x points

These updates are designed to bring LST/LRTs to Mode and enable liquid markets for these assets. These updates will be effective from Thursday 13th March at 12.01am UTC.

LST/LRTs and Native Yield

The first LRT asset to be supported on Mode is ezETH (Renzo Restaked ETH)

Renzo is a Liquid Restaking Token (LRT) and Strategy Manager for EigenLayer. It is the interface to the EigenLayer ecosystem securing Actively Validated Services (AVSs) and offering a higher yield than ETH staking.

The Renzo protocol enables this by abstracting away all complexity from the end-user and enables easy collaboration between users and EigenLayer node operators.

Users that hold ezETH on Mode get ETH Staking APR + Restaking APR + Eigenlayer Points + Renzo points + Mode Points

You can mint ezETH natively on Mode by visiting Renzo’s website and selecting Mode as the network

Money Markets on Mode

A number of new money markets and asset integrations have launched on Mode that enable users to utilize ETH and LST/LRT tokens.

Ionic - integration of ezETH into the money market.

Layerbank - integration of ezETH into lending and borrowing.

Sturdy - ezETH integrated into lending and borrowing

Mode is determined to make our ecosystem the best place to earn sustainable yield and we are certain these updates will help us achieve this goal. This is the beginning of our journey into building new economic systems for growth backed by industry leading assets. Join the Mode Madness Airdrop campaign here

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