Mode Flare L3s Launch powered by Optimism and Celestia

Mode is pleased to announce that Mode Flares, our Layer 3 network powered by Optimism and Celestia, is now live. Builders looking to build scalable appchains with fees lower than $0.005 can apply to deploy a chain with world-class infrastructure, marketing and growth support from Mode’s team.

Empowering Builders with Mode Flare L3s

Mode Flare L3s are highly-scalable modular chains that enable developers to deploy appchains quickly and easily. These chains work best for stand alone protocols that need high-throughput and low fees such as onchain games and high-performance exchanges.

Mode has worked with the leading rollup infrastructure provider Conduit to enable L3s for builders on Mode. Conduit enables builders to deploy a Mode L3 testnet in minutes and mainnet in a few days.

Why Mode Flare L3s?

Key Advantages of Mode Flare L3s

Elevated Throughput: Tailored for applications that process millions of transactions, Mode Flare L3s meets the demand for high-throughput with ease.

Comprehensive Growth Support: Mode will support with go-to-market support services, facilitating a full growth stack from user acquisition to the successful launch of governance tokens.

EVM Compatibility: Simplifies the deployment process by allowing the use of existing smart contracts, promoting ease of use and cross-platform compatibility.

Reduced Transaction Costs: Utilizes Celestia DA to offer transaction fees as low as $0.005, significantly lowering the barrier for entry.

Rapid Deployment Capability: Facilitates the quick launch of a Mode Flare Testnet, enabling efficient prototyping and stable testnet development before mainnet deployment.

Flexible Tech Stack: Provides developers with the power to customize their tech stack, courtesy of its modular design.

Mode Flare Launch Partners

We are excited to have 3 initial launch partners launching Mode Flare L3s on testnet in the coming weeks with many more lined up. Here are the initial launch partners:

DedPrz - Building Las Vegas onchain, on a Mode L3. A selection of onchain casino games built on a high-performance network.

LIQ -  Decentralized perpetuals exchange optimized for low fees, fast execution and deep liquidity across leading pairs.

Macaw Predictions - Prediction market platform for wagering on current events such as politics and news.

Tech Partners

Mode is working with the leading infrastructure provider Conduit to enable Mode L3s. Mode L3s are built using the OP Stack with Celestia as the Data Availability layer to enable high-performance with low fees.

All Mode L3s will have support from world-class infrastructure from the following partners:

Pyth - Oracle Partner - Secure your smart contracts with reliable, low-latency market data from institutional sources.

Goldsky - Indexing Partner - Real-time, high performance indexing via subgraphs and data replication pipelines.

Blockscout - Block Explorer - A leading open-source blockchain explorer for EVM chains such as Mode and Mode Flare L3s.

About Mode

Mode is the Modular DeFi Layer 2, committed to enabling new economic systems for growth, supported by a $6 million grant from Optimism. Our mission is to build a more open, efficient, and inclusive financial future, and Mode Flare L3s represent a crucial step towards achieving this vision.

Join us as we embark on this exciting new chapter, redefining the boundaries of blockchain technology and opening up a world of possibilities for developers and users alike.

Explore more about Mode and how you can be a part of our innovative ecosystem here.

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