Introducing Mode

Today we are pleased to announce the launch of the Mode Public Testnet.

This is the beginning of our journey to build an OP Stack L2 designed for growth that incentivises and directly rewards developers, users and protocols to grow Mode and the Superchain ecosystem.

Mode is the L2 designed for hyper-growth

To date, blockchain development and funding have focused on solving complex scalability challenges at the protocol layer, however with the recent success of scaling solutions, there is now an abundance of blockspace. For the Ethereum ecosystem to reach mass adoption, considerable resources must shift from funding incremental improvements at the protocol layer to focus on the application and growth layer of blockchain ecosystems.

Why we are building Mode

The team behind Mode has worked across the largest ecosystems in web3. We believe that an L2 should exist that takes a growth-first approach to building products and mechanisms to incentivise and reward developers, users and protocols to scale the ecosystem.

Mode mainnet will ship with the following features:

  • Contract Secured Revenue: Smart Contract developers will share fees that run through the contracts they deploy to the network.

  • Referral Revenue: Any developer, user or protocol that refers new developers, users or protocols to the network will earn a share of transaction fee revenue.

  • Project growth dashboard and tooling: Developers will have access to a project dashboard with key data on their applications and integrations to leading web3 growth tools to support them in scaling their community.

Our short-term goal is to build the foundations of a leading L2. Our long-term goal is to be the user and liquidity hub for the Superchain.

A platform approach to ecosystem building

In the early 2010s internet companies moved towards a platform approach to building their ecosystem. The best example of this is Shopify which moved beyond being a store builder to focussing on integrating key tools and services to help shop owners scale $billion businesses. The Shopify dashboard moved from a destination to see sales data to a platform and app store to access cutting-edge growth tools.

Mode is taking this platform approach to ecosystem building by giving web3 developers a platform to understand their user data and integrate with the growth tools to help acquire users and liquidity.

Tools that are currently being integrated into the Mode Dashboard include

  • Spindl: The web3 analytics tool

  • Guild: Automated community management tools

  • Addressable: Launch web3 advertising campaigns

  • Galxe: The leading platform for building Web3 community

  • JokeRace: Governance participation tooling

  • 3RM: A web3 CRM and relationship manager

  • Quest Terminal: Targeted conditional micro airdrops for onchain actions built by Rabbithole

These tools will give developers access to the distribution channels needed to build sustainable onchain businesses. In addition, the Mode dashboard will give insights to help developers effectively allocate resources to scale their applications.

Join as a founding member of the Mode ecosystem

The Mode team is currently working to onboard applications to the Public Testnet. You can get support with deploying to Mode by messaging us on Discord or Twitter.

Applications and protocols in the Mode ecosystem:

Deployed to testnet:

  • Mode Bridge - The native bridge of the Mode ecosystem

  • Thirdweb - a 100% open source web3 development stack with smart contracts, tools, infrastructure and SDKs

  • Pyth - Pyth delivers real-time market data for crypto, equities, FX, and commodities to 20+ blockchains. 80+ major market participants.

  • Blockscout -the first fully-featured open-source blockchain explorer

In progress:

  • Hyperlane - Hyperlane is the first interoperability layer that enables you to permissionlessly connect any blockchain.

  • Covalent - A single, unified API for fast, scalable historical blockchain data across 100+ chains.

  • Snapshop - Snapshot is an off-chain voting platform that allows DAOs, DeFi protocols, or NFT communities to participate in decentralized governance.


  • Connext - The most secure interoperability protocol, allowing users to bridge funds. Take advantage of the most advanced set of tools designed.

  • The Graph - The Graph is an indexing protocol for organizing blockchain data and making it easily accessible with GraphQL.

  • Aori - The non-custodial, high-performance order book trading infrastructure for decentralized options, spot trading, and otc settlement.

  • And many more

All applications that deploy to Mode will have access to a growth grant which will include strategy help and incentives to support the go-to-market. Get in contact by sending us a DM on Twitter @modenetwork

Join us to grow Mode

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