Mode x Redacted Finance

Mode is pleased to announce our strategic partnership with Redacted, to work at the cutting edge of innovation for Liquid Staked Tokens. This partnership will see Mode experiment with and eventually integrate apxETH (staked Pirex ETH) into the ecosystem.

Redacted a Trailblazer in DeFi Innovation

Over the past few years, Redacted has built a series of innovative products such as Redacted Protocol, Pirex, and Hidden Hand. Their most recent product Dinero has provided impressive yields on staked ETH via apxETH, following a year-long development phase. A potential integration with EigenLayer could elevate these yields further, showcasing the Redacted commitment to maximizing DeFi’s potential.

Mode Empowering the DeFi Ecosystem

Backed by Optimism, Mode is a Modular DeFi Layer 2 platform dedicated to building robust economic systems for growth. Our focus extends beyond technology; we aim to empower developers and users alike, fostering a thriving ecosystem where everyone benefits from collective progress.

The Synergy: Bringing Yield to Mode

Our partnership with Redacted is more than a mere collaboration; it's a fusion of visions and expertise. Mode is set to leverage Redacted's yield capabilities to enhance our smart treasury. This integration will enable developers on Mode to offer higher yields to their application users, enriching the DeFi experience on our platform.

The Road Ahead: Testing and Launch

Currently, Mode is in the testing phase with Redacted, aligning our systems to ensure seamless integration. Our goal is to launch this feature with our Phase 2 mainnet expected late Q1. Technical details will be published in our docs in the coming weeks. This ensures that every aspect of this collaboration meets our high standards of efficiency and security.


Mode is committed to working with the best teams in the industry to push forward DeFi innovation across Mode and Optimism’s Superchain, and we are excited for Redacted to be a key partner in this journey.

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