Mode Secures an OP Grant to Build the Superchain

Today we are excited to announce our commitment to the Optimism Collective’s Superchain vision. Mode will receive a substantial grant of up to 2,000,000 OP from the Optimism Foundation, a strategic move designed to drive user growth across the platform. This significant collaboration marks a new chapter in Mode's journey, aligning closely with the collective's mission to scale Ethereum and foster ecosystem growth.

A Commitment to Collaborative Growth

As part of this commitment, Mode will dedicate a portion of its sequencer revenue fees to the Optimism Collective. This move not only signifies Mode's support for the collective but also its active participation in the Law of Chains. This open neutrality framework is set to govern the Superchain, ensuring a fair and balanced ecosystem for all participants.

Mode: The Superchain DeFi Hub

Mode's mission is to establish itself as the DeFi hub within the Superchain. The platform is focused on nurturing native interoperable DeFi applications and infrastructure. This goal is to be achieved through the development of new economic systems within the protocol, enabling native yield and dynamic rewards powered by a smart treasury.

James Ross, Mode’s founder, shares his enthusiasm: “The Superchain is a collaborative vision to scale Ethereum, and we see an opportunity to be the hub for experimental DeFi innovation. We are excited to work closely with the Optimism team to build out the future of onchain economies and create new incentive mechanisms for both builders and users.”

Mainnet Launch and Growth Initiatives

Mode is gearing up for its mainnet launch scheduled for the end of January, with the backing of the Optimism team. This launch will be accompanied by a series of growth initiatives, marking a significant step forward in Mode's development.

Ryan Wyatt, Chief Growth Officer at Optimism Unlimited, expressed his excitement about Mode's integration into the Superchain ecosystem: “By committing development resources to the Superchain and sequencer revenue back to the Collective, Mode is demonstrating their values alignment to the project, and we’re looking forward to the ways they help expand DeFi opportunities for users.”

Mode’s Role in the Superchain

Mode's approach is centered around building onchain economic systems that foster sustainable growth, with a focus on quantitative and automated strategies. To date, Mode has successfully launched its Testnet, Developer Mainnet, and onboarded over 200 developers. We have also deployed our Sequencer Fee Sharing Module and conducted early research into Cooperative Game Theory.

Looking ahead, Mode is set to develop open-source tools for Superchain teams, with plans to introduce native yield, smart treasuries, and onchain AI agents to the Superchain. Additionally, Mode is dedicating resources to the creation of public goods for the Superchain and developing open-source growth tools beneficial for dapp developers and other L2s.

A Bright Future for Mode in the Optimism Ecosystem

This collaboration marks an exciting era for the Optimism ecosystem. With the collective's mission to grow Ethereum gaining momentum, the Superchain is poised to keep growing innovative L2s like Base, Mode, Zora, and many others, each contributing uniquely to this vibrant and expanding community.

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