Mode Partners with Ethena

In a significant move towards enhancing the DeFi landscape on Layer 2s, Mode is proud to announce our partnership with Ethena. This collaboration is set to introduce mechanisms for yield on USDC and USDT stablecoins on Mode, marking a pivotal step in our mission to build new economic mechanisms for growth.

Ethena: A New Era of Stablecoin Yield

Ethena is defining a new stablecoin mechanism by enabling users to deposit USD, Ethereum, or Liquid Staking Tokens (LSTs) as collateral to create USDe. This innovative approach ensures stability through a delta-neutral hedging process across both centralised and soon decentralised exchanges.

The collateral is securely kept in institutional custody solutions, balanced by a corresponding short position for delta-neutral collateralisation. USDe emerges as the first crypto-native, scalable, and stable asset with returns derived from Ethereum's economic staking activity and the futures markets.

The collaboration between Mode and Ethena represents more than a paper partnership—it's a symbiotic relationship aimed at revolutionising the way yield-bearing stablecoins operate within the Ethereum ecosystem.

Why Ethena? Redefining Stability in a Volatile Market

Our decision to initially partner with Ethena stems from our admiration of their rapid growth and innovative stablecoin mechanism. In just over a month since their private mainnet release, Ethena has achieved a remarkable $130 million in Total Value Locked (TVL) before being open for public participation.

Their upcoming public launch is set to attract a significant user base, making them an ideal long-term partner for Mode's Yield product.

Yield on Mode

Currently, our Mode’s Yield products are undergoing rigorous testing. We plan to integrate Ethena as part of our Phase 2 mainnet launch, expected late Q1.

The yield from Ethenea will power Mode’s smart treasury and other onchain products. This will enable developers to offer higher yields to application users, enhancing the overall DeFi experience on our platform.

Mode's Vision and Future

As a Modular DeFi Layer 2 backed by Optimism, we are committed to building new economic systems for growth. With both our upcoming public mainnet and native DeFi ecosystem launch, we are edging towards our mission to become the DeFi hub of Optimism's Superchain. Adding in our Native Yield product in Phase 2 brings us closer to that mission. We will continuously test and implement new economic systems for growth.

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