Mode Accelerates Scalable DeFi Plans as Span Batches Launch on OP Stack

TLDR: Span Batches have successfully launched across the OP Stack, bringing significant fee savings to Mode and other chains in the Superchain ecosystem. This update will support Mode’s mission to build a scalable onchain economy in collaboration with Optimism.

Span Batches Go Live on Optimism

Mode is pleased to support the launch of the Delta network upgrade, which went live for all chains in Optimism’s Superchain ecosystem today. Delta activates Span Batches, a crucial update that will lower L1 fees for Mode and other chains built using the OP Stack. This update follows Mode’s Sunrise mainnet and MODE airdrop campaign launch. It sets the stage for the rollout of forthcoming features like native yield, bringing Mode a step closer to its mission to create the Optimism Superchain’s modular DeFi hub. We’re excited to build on our partnership with Optimism as we look ahead to a new chapter for the ecosystem.

Mode - The Modular DeFi L2 Built in Collaboration with Optimism

Mode opted for the OP Stack due to its status as a premier product, boasting unparalleled stability and security compared to other rollup stacks. However, prior to the implementation of Span Batches, the OP Stack overhead costs were approximately $200,000 per month, even with minimal activity. Post-Span Batches, our expenses are projected to be less than $1,000 monthly. This is a huge boost to Mode's long-term growth and sustainability, so we're excited to see this important update go live.

Mode is a modular DeFi L2 powered by Optimism and is creating a hub for DeFi experimentation within Optimism’s Superchain ecosystem.

Mode’s core focus is building a scalable economy for the next 1 billion onchain adopters. Enabling seamless scalability for developers on L2, the OP Stack is the perfect solution to make this vision a reality. Mode has worked in close partnership with Optimism, a world-class team dedicated to supporting Ethereum’s scaling ambitions.

Mode received a 2,000,000 OP grant from the Optimism Foundation last month to help foster growth across the ecosystem. Mode is also set to allocate a portion of its sequencer revenue to the Optimism Collective and opt into the Law of Chains.

Delta’s successful launch is another key step that will help Mode contribute to Optimism’s Superchain vision.

How Span Batches Will Accelerate the Superchain Ecosystem

Delta is a network upgrade that introduces increased efficiency of data usage for OP Mainnet and other chains built using the OP Stack framework.

The key update is the activation of Span Batches. Proposed in January and passed by Optimism governance, Span Batches minimises the amount of metadata that needs to be posted as L1 data by encoding multiple blocks into single batches. This will allow OP Chains like Mode to post less data  on L1, resulting in significant fee savings. Span Batches are expected to reduce the fixed cost to operate an OP Chain by up to 99%. The Delta hard fork went live at 00:00 today, ushering in a new era for the Superchain ecosystem.

Looking to the Optimistic Future

Mode is dedicated to establishing a thriving DeFi hub for the Superchain ecosystem. Delta’s launch brings us closer to that goal, minimizing costs and expanding growth opportunities.

After last month’s Sunrise mainnet launch, Mode is set for a big 2024. Mode will soon launch native yield, onchain treasuries, and other updates. Moreover, Mode is currently developing open-source public goods and tooling for other Superchain L2s.

Span Batches will offer significant cost savings in order to operate an OP chain, which means the path to profitability is accelerated. Mode can focus on allocating resources to these milestones while leveraging Optimism’s best-in-class security, network stability, and tooling.

Mode is proud to contribute to Optimism’s vision for scaling Ethereum and we look forward to seeing more L2 chains build on the OP Stack to support this end goal. The Superchain ecosystem is also home to chains like Base and Zora, projects that deeply align with our own community’s values.

With Span Batches, operating a mainnet OP Chain is now cheaper than ever. Head to the Optimism docs to learn how to get started and join us in building the optimistic future today.

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